Carrie necklace from Sex and the City



  Sarah Jessica Parker lost the gold “Carrie” necklace that she has rarely been seen without, it was replaced with a diamond encrusted necklace given by her boyfriend at the time who told her that if she can’t have her Carrie necklace then the least he can do is give a “necklace for Carrie.” I’ve […]

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Flower Cocktail diamond ring from Sex and the City movie



  I am a big fan of Sex and the City (guys please don’t roll your eyes)). The movie came out last year and I have seen it a couple of times.  In the movie, Samantha bids on a flower diamond ring  that costs over $50,000 USD. She doesn’t win at the auction, but her boyfriend surprises […]

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Rare Blue Diamond Auction Update!!!!



  Here is the update for the rare blue diamond set for record auction I posted last month! The 7.03ct blue diamond sold for $9.5 million on May 12 to an anonymous phone bidder in Geneva, Switerland,  the highest price ever for a gem of it’s kind. Image source: Reuters/Dennis Balibouse   To read this in details on […]

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Charms are perfect gift options!



Small exquisite crafted charms could provide a convenient gift option during weddings, baby showers and birthdays. It’s a gift you can keep “building” on. Charms on bracelets, keychains, watch bands, chains, mobile phones and etc. This way you get a diamond heart charm for Valentines day and the same year you can get a dog […]

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