Old times….various charity events from before


Arts Umbrella -2

Someday I just decided to dig around my computer and found these old photos and newspaper clips of me years ago…      

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Windex – not just for cleaning windows!



  It’s really neat. It is a little know fact that Windex is actually our secret remedy forgetting stuck rings off of swollen fingers.  Rings can get stuck on fingers for a few reasons, like you retaining water, pregnancy,or weight gain, or it can be as simple as you just have never taken their ring […]

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Unwilling to compromise for wedding jewelry


Wedding jewelry

  According to a recent survey conducted by the Knot and reported at JCK online, couples are not cutting back budgets for bridal jewelry. The survey looked at bridal jewelry choices of 9,000 newlyweds. 80% of the couples reported that they did not scale down the size of their wedding rings. In 82% of the couples, […]

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Ultimate iPhone accessories!


Pink diamond iPhone

  World’s first 18ct rose gold iPhone with pink diamonds. Stuart Hughes at is going to sell a luxury iPhone that contains approximately 150 grams of 18ct rose gold, finished off with no less than 53 pink diamonds in the 18ct rose gold Apple logo in UK. It is priced at £21,995.     […]

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Return the ring when the wedding is off?


24 carat engagement ring

  Is it the rule that when a couple break their engagement, the girl has to return the ring? I am sharing stories about a couple of friends. Celebritiy J.Lo returned her 6.1ct pink diamond engagement ring but Paris Hilton didn’t. Back in 2005 Paris Hilton auctioned her 24 carat engagement ring for $2 million USD and […]

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Diamond Starter


RBC diamond studs

  Why wait for the other half to get you diamond jewelry? How if you don’t have the other half to buy you diamond jewelry? A single girl can definately enjoy fine diamond jewelry herself. Round briliant cut diamond studs or solitaire diamond pendant, any sizes, are fabulous for diamond starters. They are are very simple and […]

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