Famous Hope Diamond Gets New Setting



  According to the Smithsonian, the Hope diamond was formed more than a billion years ago, 90 miles below the Earth’s surface. It was brought to the surface by a volcanic eruption and was discovered in the 17th century in a mine in Golconda, India. In 1668, Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, a French gem merchant, sold the […]

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Casual but stylish with many strands of pearls!



  I guess it’s all about pearls for me in August since it’s all I talk about. Well, actually, I read in the newspaper today (alright, gossip column that is) that Paris Hilton’s boyfriend bought her a strand of Tahitian black pearl necklace retailed for $130,000 while on holidays in Bora Bora. She wore it with her pink […]

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Pearls and Hawaii – 1/4



  So, I went to Hawaii last week, it was for pleasure but I couldn’t help noticing the pearls jewelry everywhere. It’s all about pearls in Hawaii, I guess it’s only normal as it’s part of the Polynesia where pearls is very accessible. Here’s a picture of the Waikiki beach I took from my hotel […]

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Hawaii and Pearls – 2/4


Swim in the ocean

  Although I totally got sea sick,  it was well worth it. It is a once in a life time experience for me to swim with dophins and see many big old sea turtles at once.         I know you can barely see but I am the one on the left hand top. It’s […]

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Hawaii and Pearls – 3/4



  Maui island doesn’t have as many tourists and is harder to get around when you don’t have a rental car.     I don’t go anywhere without my pearl necklace, earrings and bracelets. They are very reasonbly priced and versitile.     This town is not big at all and I easily find a […]

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Hawaii and Pearls – 4/4



  On top of a vocano in Maui. Crazy wind = crazy hair     Sea shells and pearls are very accessible for Hawaiian, not only I see sea shell and pearl jewelry everywhere, I also find that they use every part of the oysters and pearls to make different things. This is a seashell […]

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6 years ago when I just got into diamond business


Monica Tsao

Recently this old journalist friend of mine found this blog and sent me this article from The Vancouver Sun that he did for me 6 years ago when I was working for a diamond house in Vancouver.  

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