Forever Classic – Pearl Earrings


Nicole Kidman wearing pearl drop earrings

I’ve always loved jewelry and I love all gemstones, not just diamonds. Pearl is considered a precious and organic gemstone, they are significantly lower in cost than diamonds, rubies, sapphires. This makes them very attractive in a market where every dime is strained to the limit and there are pearl designs to fit any budget. Nicole Kidman wore a pair of […]

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Some Christmas Bling


Diamond studs

  I sourced and made a few pieces for my clients for this Xmas. A lot of times I don’t need to custom make anything, especially when it comes to pendants or earrings. Below are just a few pics of the jewelry I sourced and supplied my clients.     I made an exact same pair […]

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Graff Jewellery


Graff Jewels 1

Graff gems have adorned the necks of stars from Oprah Winfrey to Paris Hilton and have retail stores all around the world. My previous pink diamond auction post, in December , 2009, his five-carat bubble gum Vivid Pink diamond set a world record for $10.8 million in a Hong Kong auction. Below are some of Graff’s beautiful breathtaking […]

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Whatever you want to give when it comes to engagement? Maybe not


Solitaire ring

  It is actually kind of funny. I was talking to a stubborn friend of mine (let’s call him Bob) who has the thickest skull you can imagine. He has always told me that he doesn’t see the value of buying a diamond, even for engagement ring, keep in mind that he’s nowhere even near […]

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Ancient Jewels discovered in tombs


Ancient greek bracelet

  I am always fascinated by treasures found in the tombs, old sinking ships, ancient temples, old churches, etc. Not so much about the value of the treasure but the meaning of the treausre (in another word, jewelry) but to imagine who wore it and what it symbolized. It’s just fascinating to see what people wore thouands […]

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Stars love colorful gemstones


Debra Messing

  In the latest issue of In Style, some stars revealed their favorite gemstones. Debra Messing from Will and Grace loves emeralds.   Anne Heche loves diamonds.   Jennifer Carpenter likes black diamonds. I love black diamonds and just recently sourced and supplied a loose black diamond for my client, you can find it under […]

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My gemology study – gemologist 20 stone assignment


20 stone set

  20 stone assignment for becoming a Graduate Gemologist from Gemological Institute of America (GIA). After a couple of try I finally successfully identified and seperated all of them. Laying all of them down on the floor, I am quite proud of what I have achieved. These stones are like little soliders for me, I […]

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Pink diamond sold for $10.8 million!


  The pink diamond I posted earlier was sold for record price $10.8 million dollars in HK to an Asian private buyer. “Some prices were crazy, way above what one would pay even at a jewelry store,” said Donald May, a Hong Kong-based ruby and sapphire dealer who attended the auction. “There’s a lot of […]

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Diamond Fantasy Bras from Victoria Secret!


  Fantasy bra is always a huge feature at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.  The bra, named the harlequin diamond fantasy bra, is worth $3 million US and was made out of white, champagne and cognac colored diamonds. The diamonds, 150 carats total weight were not attached directly to the bra but instead a cage-like structure of […]

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