Row of Rings


Row of rings

At the 2009 American Music Awards , Rihanna accessorized with Sutra’s “3×3” rose-cut diamond ring flanked by black and colorless diamond rings set in platinum by Neil Lane. At Glamour magazine’s “Women of the Year Awards”(center photo), she scooped up one of the night’s top honors while sporting two of her favored looks: an origami-style dress and […]

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Candy cocktail ring collection


Vancouver custom made gemstone cocktail rings

I love diamonds, precious stones and semi precious stones. Gemstones are so colorful and much more affordable than colored diamonds. I decided to make some gemstone cocktail rings and I wanted to make them big. They average from 7 to 10 carats, price range at $500 to $800. I wanted to make them affordable for everyone so I mounted […]

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Natural purple diamond


Natural purple diamond

This picture and article is posted by Natural colored diamond association. I have a natural light pinkish purple in my collection and know the value and how rare they are, I thought I’ll share this article!   One of the rarest of colors in natural color diamonds. …Often confused with a secondary color violet, purple […]

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Diamond Necklace Makeover


custom made diamond necklace

This client wanted to get a new setting (old setting was very rigid, 5 stones were set together and left no space for movement, client never wore it because she didn’t like the setting.) for her necklace and she talked about resetting all 5 stones and I thought, well, let’s do more than that. I turned it into this multiple styles […]

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Jewellery buying and fashion tips


Big designer earrings Vancouver

choose only one statement pieces, like big earrings or a necklace. You don’t need to go for the matching earrings with necklace.   Dramatic drop earrings often work best with simple dresss, while a substanial necklace adds to a simple strapless style.       Go for timeless rather than trendy, such as diamond studs, diamond […]

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Italian made locket necklaces


Locket pendant - Italian made

10K white gold Italian made lockets with chains. Not all jewelry needs custom work, I sourced this locket pendant for a nice guy who planned to give these two pendants to his sister and mother. I picked this particular one because I like the contrast between the matt and polish finish on the surface and the […]

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How to customize your jewelry


Loose engagement diamonds

Jewelry can be expensive. However, if you know what types of decisions to make to cut the cost ,with a custom made jeweler and deisgner’s help, to make sure you are not cutting corners on important stuff, you can still get the style and look you want for much less. Carat Weight – If you […]

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The dark side – Black diamond jewellery


Black diamond hoop earrings

Diamonds are traditionally valued for their high degree of transparency and clarity, absence of color, scintillation and high brilliance. Collectors have always been more interested in black diamonds than consumers. However, in the past 10 to 15 years, black diamonds have come to represent a fashion statement and getting more and more popular. In fact, […]

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