Princess Cut Band Makeover


Custom made princess cut eternity band

From channel set princess cut eternity band to this. Diamonds sparkle so much more.    

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Versitile Accessory – Pearls by the yard


Pearls by the yard - pearl jewellery

Pearls by the yard necklace is very versitile. I’ve talked about how versitile pearl jewellery can be in my previous post. In “In Style” magazine, Carrie Underwood was seen wearing pearl by the yard with a beautiful white dress. Great idea!!

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How to take care of your pearl jewellery


Pearl jewelry

Pearl jewelry is a classic and timeless look, but pearls require a lot of special attention and care. Pearls are fragile and require special care. Making sure that pearls are cleaned and maintained regularly will ensure that they will stay looking beautiful for years to come. All pearl jewelry should be stored in sectioned jewelry boxes […]

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