Diamond Certificates


GIA diamond certificate

Certificates are detailed diamond quality reports issued by accredited independent gemological labs . Here are the major reputable gemological laboratories in North America:   GIA – Gemological Institute of America GIA is the most well known and respected laboratory in the world. It is also the most demanded diamond certificate. In its diamond report provides […]

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Custom Made Blue Sapphire and Diamond Band


Custom made diamond & sapphire band

This client loves blue sapphires and has been looking for suitable jeweller to make her diamond and sapphire band for a while. We had a consultation, when I said consultation, it’s more like we had a fabulous time talking about sapphires, diamonds and colored diamonds while drinking coffee together on a weekend morning. After I found out the […]

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Custom Made Double Bezel Diamond Studs


Double bezel diamond studs

Custom made 18K white gold double bezel diamond studs, with secured alpha backs so they will never come off.  Set with 2 x 0.71ct EGL round brilliant cut diamonds. Client approved these two diamonds before I set them. Finished product, a beautiful pair diamond studs! Every woman must own a pair of diamond studs, they are […]

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GIA certified Fancy light bluish green diamond


Vancouver fancy colored diamonds

It is sold as a loose polish diamond so this client can set it in any design he desires. 0.58ct round brilliant cut, round brilliant cut is more valueable and rare than any other cuts. rare GIA certified fancy light bluish green diamond.    

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