Custom Made GIA Solitaire Engagement Ring


1ct GIA diamonds

Client and I selected these final two diamonds, between F/VVS2 and E/VS1. You can’t see anything with naked eyes when the clarity is higher than SI1 so Vs1 and VVS2 doesn’t really make a big difference other than the price. However, this E/VS1 diamond received excellent in cut grade, polish and symmetry and therefore made it […]

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Custom Made GIA certified 3.01cttw diamond studs


certified loose diamonds Vancouver

Anniversary gift, 1.50ct GIA each ear, both very good cut,  in 18K white gold. It’s very important to have diamond studs that sparkle. Perfect match from every angle.   BEAUTIFUL diamond studs!! Every girl should have a pair…..they go with everything!!

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Coral’s Value


Natural gemstones in Vancouver

Coral gemstones hae been regarded as an unique, mysterious gemstone that is not only beautiful, but also precious. Since the quantity of coral gemstones continues to decrease, the desire of possessing coral has never been stronger. In the past 20 years, the price of coral gemstones has multiplied by more than 34 times.     […]

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World’s Tallest Gemstone Coral


Coral gemstone

This gemstone coral tree comes from 200 meters below the pacific ocean, north-east of Taiwan. Width: 131cm and Height: 141cm. As gemstone coral take 10 years to grow 1cm, this gigantic gemstone coral tree becomes the most precious treasures of Taiwan. Taiwan is an unique island with tremendous amounts of natural resources. Given its profound […]

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