Prince William’s Engagement Ring


Royal blue sapphire ring

The oval blue sapphire is approx. 12 carat, surrounded by 14 round brilliant cut diamonds in 18K white gold. It is a very classic and popular design among colored diamonds and colored gemstones.   When you have a beautiful main stone, you don’t need to pick busy and complicated designs for it. Less is more […]

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Commissioned Pieces – Yellow Sapphire Engagement Ring


Yellow sapphire princess cut

Nice couple. He has already proposed so they are actually picking the ring together. She wants a yellow stone, she knows that she doesn’t want a diamond but not sure what else to get. After some explaining and understanding more about a few gemstones such as citriz, topaz, etc, we narrow it down to yellow sapphire. […]

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Beautiful and Elegant Pink/White Coral


Vancouver pink coral jewellery

Pink coral exist in the deepest levels of the ocean. Colors can be faint , or spotted pink. Due to water pressures, when the corals are taken from such deepness, some cetain lines will naturally form on the surface.   White coral can be found on the eastern oceanic region of Taiwan, naturally pure white […]

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Commissioned Pieces – Matching Wedding Bands


Cushion cut wedding rings

Look familiar? The client who bought cushion cut diamond from me in the previous post came back to get a matching wedding band. Face up it doesnt even look like there are two rings. I had to keep the engagement ring for 2 weeks in order to make a perfectly matched wedding band. I am very […]

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Custom Jewelry Pearl ring makeover


Pearl ring Vancouver

This client has a very nice big pearl in an outdated yellow gold setting. We unset the pearl from its old setting (forgot to take the picture of the old ring….darn it!) and set it into her old diamond ring after we removed the center diamond. This pearl ring looks new and is ready to be […]

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Commissioned Pieces – New mommy gift


GIA certified diamond studs

Half carat GIA certified diamond each ear for a new mommy. Pretty straight forward, client has a budget in mind and I do what I can to find the biggest and best quality for him. Both diamonds are laser inscribed in the girdle GIA certificate number. It can be seen under a jeweller’s loupe or […]

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