Custom Made Amethyst Family Ring


custom family ring

I was contacted by this couple to make a family ring that she was going to wear as a wedding ring. Their aunt visited my store and showed me a family ring, as per picture below. This ring consisted of different gemstones in marquise shape and yellow gold. It’s not exactly this couple’s style as […]

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Benefits of Buying Gemstone Jewellery from a Graduate Gemologist Jeweller


Vancouver blue sapphire, zircon, aquamarine, topaz jewellery

I had an inquiry about blue zircon lately. When people inquire about gemstones that’s not very common it always excite me, after all, that’s one of my specialty. I’ll write a blog about this ring later and for now, I’d like to be a bit more technical and explain this gemstone. I always love zircons, they […]

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Read Jewellery description like how you read food label


diamonds vancouver

Again and again, even though I am in the industry I am still at times fooled by the misleading jewellery “title”. I’ll give you a couple of examples.   1ct diamond ring $999.  When I first read this, I immediately think, how could it be? I know 1ct in fact cost way more than $999. […]

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Millgrain Channel Set Wedding Band


Wedding band diamonds reuse

This client came in with her mom’s old diamonds. Isn’t that a great idea? I examined the diamonds and they are not bad quality at all, perfect to go with a nice custom hand made wedding band. I examined and weighted her mom’s diamonds for appraising propose.   I showed her many wedding band styles […]

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