Custom Made Last Minute Blue Sapphire Earring Studs


loose sapphires vancouver

This client is interesting actually. He came in at 5pm, not long before I was to close, wanted to see some blue sapphire earring studs and I have none! I could easily make a pair for him as it’s not something a jewellery store usually stock so I ask him when he wants them and he […]

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Custom made Bridal fresh water pearl studs with diamond halo


pearl earrings Vancouver

This client came in by herself looking for pearl studs with diamond halo for her wedding day. Pearls jewellery are popular among brides on the big day because they are elegant, timeless and you can wear them again and again after the big day! I didn’t have it in the store but I have a […]

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Custom Made Special Hearts On Fire Engagement Ring


custom made hearts on fire diamond

This client shopped around and decided not to go with a jewellery store that mostly have generic engagement ring styles and designs, he wanted something special so he came to me and we finalized on the hearts on fire center stone as it is the world’s most perfectly cut diamond and he wanted the best. […]

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Custom Made Birthstone Engagement Ring


Blue Zircon Engagement ring

I have this Indian client who wants a birthstone engagement ring. He mentioned that as an Indian they have their own birthstone system and for March it’s blue zircon (aquamarine for North America). We briefly spoke on the phone and he came in after two days to see some blue zircons I sourced to show him. […]

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