Custom Made Vintage Inspired Aquamarine Engagement Ring


An old friend who I haven’t seen forever contacted me for an unique engagement ring. He said that he would like some blue stone but doesn’t like the strong hue of blue sapphire, so he asked me for blue topaz or blue aquamarine. Aquamarine is a more valuable stone so  naturally I would suggest the […]

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Custom Made Palm Tree Heirloom Brooch


birthstone jewellery vancouver

I had this couple coming in last minute to discuss the possibility of custom making a palm tree brooch for their mother as a 50 years anniversary gift. Why palm tree? According to my clients, his mom was proposed underneath a palm tree and 4 coconuts represents 4 kids with their unique birthstone. They showed me […]

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Custom Made 19K White Gold Men’s Wedding Band


Custom made men jewellery Vancouver

This client actually already has her ring and wanted to get a man’s band ring made, she showed me a design she likes and we made some design modifications as per her preference.   There are four princess cut in his band so he doesn’t need to worry about ring spinning and diamond not facing […]

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Custom Made Rose Gold Emerald Cut Engagement Ring


rose gold emerald cut ring Vancouver

With this ring, it’s a funny story, the best friend of the girlfriend came in to consult about custom made engagement ring, she came in with a very specific cut and size in mind, which is emerald cut and 1.50ct range. After speaking with her for a while, I started searching for some nice emerald […]

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