Stand Out From the Crowd: Custom Made Necklaces and Handmade Jewelry Online


Blue Sapphire

Not satisfied with the jewelry you see in stores? Do you dream of designing your own necklaces, rings and bracelets, but lack the means to create them yourself? Well, look no further. With the help of professional jewelers, you can design your own ring online. Express yourself and wow your friends with custom made necklaces. […]

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Custom Made Solitaire Ring Setting for 1.50ct Diamond


custom made ring mount

I had a few consultations with the couple, I know that they are getting a 1.50ct diamond from a family friend so we focused mostly on the design aspect of this ring. I recommend the clients to go with 19K white gold, and to make sure that in the future the wedding band can sit […]

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Duplicate Ruby Bow Ring from My Collection


Ruby ring Vancouver

A client of mine searched internet forever to look for a nice design ruby ring and came across my website, she fell in love with my own collection ruby bow ring immediately and contacted me. She lives in USA so we emailed each other back and fourth to communicate for budget, design variation, size and […]

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Hand Crafted Custom Made 3 Stone Sapphire and Hearts On Fire Diamond Engagement Ring


sapphire diamond engagement ring

We browsed thru a few options and finalized on 3 stone design with blue sapphire to be the center stone. This client has been looking around for a while so he knows exactly what he wants. Once we finalize the design and budget, I showed him a few blue sapphires for his approval. I strongly […]

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