New designer men’s jewellery has arrived in my store – Scott Kay



I have been looking for a cool men’s jewellery line to carry in the store, a lot of men don’t just wear watches, they also wear bracelets, cufflinks, necklaces and studs. I have been looking around since 2011, when I went to the jewellery conference I always keep an eye out for men’s jewellery and […]

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Matching Interlocking Wedding Rings Set


wedding interlocking rings

This client came back to get matching wedding band for her engagement ring. When I made this engageament ring, I’ve already advised him what kind of wedding band he will be looking at although it would be her choice when the time comes, just because with this kind of engagement ring, with a typical wedding […]

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Custom Made Timeless 1ct Solitaire Engagement Ring


1ct diamond engagement ring

This client was referred to me by another good client of mine. He had no idea about diamond or jewellery at all before he came across my door. We sat down for a casual chat, I ran thru some basic diamond knowledge with him, not in depth as I could go on forever and really […]

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Should you buy natural colored or treated colored diamonds?


1.00ct yellow diamond

Diamonds are beautiful and they come in all colors like rainbow. While some natural colored diamonds are pricey, some are not, it depends on the rarity, size and intensity of the color. In general, blue, green, pink and red are among the most rare colors while brown and yellow are more common. Natural colored diamonds […]

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19K White Gold Men and Womens Wedding Bands


19K wedding bands

Wedding bands selection process¬†is usually pretty simple when it comes to wedding bands. You have to consider the engagement ring you currently wear, you want something to match it or you want something different and not care if they matched? After talking to clients I usually find what they want for them, it’s usually pretty […]

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