19K Gold Custom Mens Band with Ruby



This couple came in to browse our selection of mens rings a while back, as we have many alternative metal rings including tungsten, cobalt, titanium, and ceramic. Even if alternative metals are not for you, they can serve as inspiration as there are many different styles to touch and try on. We can duplicate or […]

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Loose Natural Alexandrite Stone



This young guy came to us in search of a nice alexandrite for the center stone in his girlfriend’s engagement ring. He already knows that his girlfriend does not want a diamond, she prefers a colored gemstone and something unique. They had come across alexandrites in their search and they were both drawn to its’ […]

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Rose Gold Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring


Rose gold emerald cut diamond engagement ring

This client has shopped around a bit before he came to my store, he already has a 1.50ct emerald cut diamond and he just needs to find a designer to make his ideas a reality. He knows what he doesn’t want but he’s not sure what he wants, after meeting him a couple of times I […]

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Square Cushion Sapphire Halo Ring


sq cushion blue sapphire wm

This nice lady came strolling into our shop looking for a blue sapphire ring to commemorate the birth of her new born son. Her husband started the tradition when she gave birth to her daughter three years ago, gifting her a ring with a pink sapphire center. She will not only get to enjoy wearing […]

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5 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring


5 stone diamond ring

This client’s girlfriend came to me to appraise some jewellery and that’s how he heard of me. This girlfriend has inherited some fine jewellery from the family but the style are pretty out dated so she has just put away them and never wore them. He came to me with an idea of getting a […]

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