Past, Present, Future… 3 Diamond Wedding Band


Amanda Cain set

Last year, we made a lovely bezel princess cut solitaire for this client. Details like the slight taper, rounded corners, airy basket, and unique finish gave the ring a personalized touch that made it perfect for the wearer! The lady wanted something feminine yet durable and low-maintenance. For the wedding band, she wanted something beautiful […]

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Teal Zircon White Sapphire 3 Stone Engagement Ring


Zircon 3 stone watermark

This client’s girlfriend loves the teal color stone and it’s not something you see everyday in a jewellery store, in fact it’s not easy to find natural teal colored gemstone that’s also hard enough to withstand reasonable everyday wear. He doesn’t like the colored change stones like alexandrite and after viewing a few gemstones he […]

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