New designer men’s jewellery has arrived in my store – Scott Kay



I have been looking for a cool men’s jewellery line to carry in the store, a lot of men don’t just wear watches, they also wear bracelets, cufflinks, necklaces and studs. I have been looking around since 2011, when I went to the jewellery conference I always keep an eye out for men’s jewellery and […]

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Custom Made Rose Gold Emerald Cut Engagement Ring


rose gold emerald cut ring Vancouver

With this ring, it’s a funny story, the best friend of the girlfriend came in to consult about custom made engagement ring, she came in with a very specific cut and size in mind, which is emerald cut and 1.50ct range. After speaking with her for a while, I started searching for some nice emerald […]

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Multi-Strand Akoya Pearl Necklaces


Akoya pearl necklaces

I was asked by an old client of mine to make her a really really long strand of pearl necklace. She changed her mind a few times from wanting one big and one small pearl alternating to two small one big, etc. Since she really couldn’t make up her mind, I offer the solution of […]

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Hot trend – Layer necklace look


Jewelry trend - layer necklace look

Each year the fashion trends are changing and the fashion conscious who would like to keep up with the current trends like to do it in style. If you want to be the one who knows in and out of fashion and be stylish, you can keep up with the latest fashion by regularly keeping […]

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Designers I like….Margo Morrison


Margo Morrison necklace Vancouver

When I decided to open a store, I started travelling more to different jewellery conferences and sourced unique jewelry designers that Vancouver hasn’t seen. First designer that caught my eye was Margo Morrison. Margo cleverly uses a lot of different precious and semi-precious gemstones in all her jewellry. Her design is so simple but yet […]

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Prince William’s Engagement Ring


Royal blue sapphire ring

The oval blue sapphire is approx. 12 carat, surrounded by 14 round brilliant cut diamonds in 18K white gold. It is a very classic and popular design among colored diamonds and colored gemstones.   When you have a beautiful main stone, you don’t need to pick busy and complicated designs for it. Less is more […]

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Beckham’s healing crystals


healing crystals

  Crystal healing is the use of crystals to bring about healing and positive changes in the mind and body. Crystal healing is an alternative healing technique for strengthening the body and resolving issues and patterns using various forms of natural crystals. The theory is that gemstones carry vibrational rates. By placing these vibrational rates within the […]

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Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s Yellow Diamond Wedding Bands


Natural yellow diamond bands

The two stars are known for their eye-catching fashion style and Perry is especially famous for her “sparkly” taste.  The two diamond encrusted eternity rings are estimated to be worth $50,000-$75,000 each.

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Versitile Accessory – Pearls by the yard


Pearls by the yard - pearl jewellery

Pearls by the yard necklace is very versitile. I’ve talked about how versitile pearl jewellery can be in my previous post. In “In Style” magazine, Carrie Underwood was seen wearing pearl by the yard with a beautiful white dress. Great idea!!

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Marilyn Monroe’s pearl necklace


Marilyn Monroe Pearl Necklace

Marilyn Monroe was gifted the Akoya pearl necklace by Joe DiMaggio when they travelled to Japan on their honeymoon. Even years after their divorce, Monroe continued to wear the necklace, claiming it reminded her of “happier times.” The Marilyn Monroe pearl necklacein its original oval, leather, velvet-line box. The pearls were one of the few […]

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