Forever Classic – Pearl Earrings

I’ve always loved jewelry and I love all gemstones, not just diamonds. Pearl is considered a precious and organic gemstone, they are significantly lower in cost than diamonds, rubies, sapphires. This makes them very attractive in a market where every dime is strained to the limit and there are pearl designs to fit any budget. Nicole Kidman wore a pair of pearl drop earrings to “Australia” premiere. She looked so classic and elegant.


Nicole Kidman wearing pearl drop earrings



Nicole Kidman wearing pearl earrings


I also own a lot of pearl jewelry from dangle earrings to long strands of pearls and I wear them all the time. I came across this pair at one of my vendors, $2,500 CAD, South sea cultured pearls are always more expensive.

south sea cultured pearl drop earrings


Or smaller freshwater cultured pearls for $380 CAD

Freshwater cultured pearl earrings

Pearls studs come in different colors, different qualities with different prices. I am sure you can find something you like with me.

White pearl studs

Orangy white pearl studs

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