SATC 2, Carrie’s black diamond ring

Carrie Bradshaw got engaged with a shoe rather than a diamond ring in Sex and the City movie. In Sex and the City 2,  Big  presents her with a 5ct black diamond ring surrounded by 80 round natural colorless pave diamonds, explaining “because you are not like anyone else.” It’s funny, I was just talking about black diamond jewelry before the movie came out in my previous post. Unlike traditional colors of diamond engagement rings, a black diamond engagement ring is unique if not an eccentric kind of ring to choose for a loved one. There are probably a few women who would have a taste or penchant for this very odd color of engagement ring (Carrie is definitely one of them) because often the color of black is associated with mystery and darkness. So it would be surprising to be given a ring especially a black diamond engagement ring.

custom made natural black diamond ring

According to a media release from Malkin, during prep for the film, the search was on for black diamond rings. Writer/director Michael Patrick King and actress Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays Carrie, sifted through designs from more than 20 jewelry designers before selecting one of two rings anonymously submitted by Itay Malkin.

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