All White Sapphire Engagement Ring

 I first received a phone call from this client, a young guy who was curious about white sapphire for an engagement ring. While it was going to be a surprise, they had talked about it in the past and his girlfriend made it clear she did not want any diamonds in the ring. We chatted for a while and I educated him on the properties of white sapphire, along with what he can expect in terms of shapes, appearance, size, etc.

After our initial consultation, I learned that he is also open to seeing light pink or light blue sapphires as well. His girlfriend’s skin tone is quite fair, so he thought that something with a lighter tone would complement it well. I ended up sourcing 4 sapphires for him to view:


sapphire comp for Steven


After two visits and enlisting the help of his friends to narrow down the right stone, he picked the 1.75ct round white sapphire, which also happened to be one of my favorites of the bunch. It has a really nice cut, which brings out the brilliance in the stone and makes it appear very bright.

He already had a setting in mind: a basket setting with twisted shank, alternating white sapphire pave and polished metal. I picked sapphire melee size that was small enough not to overshadow the center stone, and we made the ring in 19K white gold:




It turned out quite lovely, and he proposed the following week while visiting her in Point Roberts. She said yes and is over the moon with how perfect it is for her.



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