Bezel Pear Blue Sapphire Custom Engagement Ring

At our very first meeting, this client came prepared with a small binder full of pictures and notes of engagement ring styles. After a little probing, he let me know that his long-time girlfriend had been compiling the binder over the last two years! I can’t think of a more clear hint than that.

All joking aside, he felt the timing was right as they had settled down somewhat after years of keeping up with the demands of their respective careers/schooling. He also figured out the perfect place to propose: on a walk in the picturesque Central Park, on their upcoming trip to New York City. He had everything planned out already, including locating a photographer to follow them around on the day in secret to capture the proposal. All he needed was the perfect engagement ring, and that’s where I came in!

We sifted through his photo collection of ring styles to narrow down some specific elements that were must-haves. Aesthetic elements included unsymmetrical, cluster or multi-stone, and a combination of blue sapphire stone and another colored stone. As for practicality, he only requested that it be comfortable and low-set to the finger. I recommended bezels for all the stones, as that is the most secure setting and because it would tie together a multi-stone ring of different shapes/sizes/colors well. We also decided on a slightly wider band, for comfort and long-term durability.

He liked the idea of having two main stones, and I showed him the very popular antique French style of ring called “Toi et Moi” which are usually two stones of the same size set in a bypass style ring. He built upon this idea, and requested to see pairs of blue sapphire stones in the same shape, but slightly different sizes and tones. Going with the unsymmetrical theme, we also went with more elongated shapes – below are the oval and pear shaped sapphires I sourced for him:


After inspecting all the stones under different lighting, he picked this gorgeous pear pair:


We worked on fine-tuning the design, altering the bypass shape, placement/size of small diamonds, and added milgrain detailing for the final touch… and everything came together beautifully in the finished ring, made in 19K white gold:


He did end up proposing on a beautiful day in Central Park, NYC and she of course said YES! They are both so thrilled with the ring and their engagement. Congratulations to the happy couple!


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