Light Champagne Pink Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring

This client first came to me about six months ago, with some floating ideas of what he wanted for an engagement ring. Both he and his girlfriend (together about a year and a half) have demanding careers; he is in real estate and his girlfriend is finishing up her residency. Being very detail-oriented but in need of some direction, I narrowed down some styles for him to consider based on her tastes and also practicality.

Originally, he had in mind an aquamarine or morganite for a light blue or pink stone. I’ve made aquamarine rings in the past, but I warn all my clients that it is a softer stone and care should be taken if it’s meant to be worn every day.

I showed him a tray of loose sapphires we had in the store, which are preferable for an engagement ring as they are the second hardest natural gemstone after diamond. He was drawn immediately to this lovely 1.16ct oval sapphire:


It is a “chubbier” oval shape, which was perfect for him as his girlfriend prefers ovals and he prefers a round shape. The color is quite chameleon-like, it can look very different depending on the lighting situation and surroundings. It is very, very light with just a hint of color, usually displaying a warm pink or champagne tone.

The hardest part was creating the setting. I sourced several different side stone combinations including pink padparadscha sapphires, light blue sapphires, pink diamonds and colorless diamonds… in the end, he opted to keep it clean and simple with all colorless diamonds. The setting was based on an idea of a ring he saw somewhere, a graduated size halo that only extends partway around the center stone, sort of like a “crescent” halo if you will, or a cluster ring. Here is the ring in-the-making:


And the finished ring, a handforged piece in rich 18K rose gold to highlight the sapphire’s color:



He proposed to his girlfriend at the restaurant they had their first date in, and even requested the same table they sat at (amazed he remembers after almost two years!). She said YES! and is absolutely thrilled about the ring, and the fact he spent so much time and effort in collaborating with us to make it happen. Cheers to the happy couple!



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