Past, Present, Future… 3 Diamond Wedding Band

Last year, we made a lovely bezel princess cut solitaire for this client. Details like the slight taper, rounded corners, airy basket, and unique finish gave the ring a personalized touch that made it perfect for the wearer!

The lady wanted something feminine yet durable and low-maintenance. For the wedding band, she wanted something beautiful that would be able to stand on its own and yet would match and accentuate her engagement ring when worn together. We played around with a few options, including a full diamond pave band, half eternity band, and plain band. Not sold on the maintenance and care needed for a full diamond band, I suggested perhaps a scatter of diamonds inset into the band (similar feel to her bezeled princess cut engagement ring). We discussed placement, size, and number of diamonds; settling on three diamonds and alternate low – high placement. This “scattered” look also allows all three diamonds to be visible when worn as a set!

We crafted the ring to match in 14K unplated white gold, here is the finished piece:

Amanda Cain set

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