Princess Cut Bezel Solitaire with Matte Finish

A nice young guy came in to look for the perfect engagement ring for his girlfriend of two years. Her personal style leans more towards casual, and she works with horses so he needed a simple ring that was low-set. He picked a princess cut trellis style solitaire that we had on display, and proposed to her on their one-week vacation to Costa Rica. She was thrilled and said YES!

She was happy with the proposal and the diamond, but she didn’t love the setting. No problem! I sat down with her to discuss other solitaire styles, and pinpointed what factors she is looking for. She thought the original ring he proposed with was ‘too girly’ and she wanted something more unique to fit with her personality. In her words, she wanted something that was feminine but with an edge, but sturdy as well. After considering several different ready-made settings, she decided that since she didn’t love any of them, only a custom made setting would do!

Going off of a rough idea she had, we perfected the details until she was happy with it. The design is a full bezel with a basket profile, sitting on a slightly tapered thin band. The surrounding bezel offers full protection for the diamond, and the open basket allows light to travel through the underside of the diamond and makes it visible from the side. We made it in 14K unplated white gold and topped it off with a sandblasted finish. Here is the finished ring:


They were both very happy with how it turned out, and especially with the unique finish on it. In some lighting it shows very tiny sparkles from the sandblasted gold, almost like glitter. A profile shot of the ring:



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