Light Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring in 18K Rose Gold

This nice client was referred to me by his long-time friend from university, who commissioned me to make a blue sapphire engagement ring not long ago. Since his girlfriend has been dropping many hints about wanting a sapphire for an engagement ring as well, he decided to make an appointment with me.

As we chatted along at his first consultation, I got to know more about him and his girlfriend’s lifestyle and their tastes. They’ve been together for seven wonderful years, and in the last few she has been wanting to get engaged. Since they’ve both recently settled down in their careers, he decided now was the time to propose. She’s a fairly laid back girl, they both enjoy zipping around the city on their bikes and like to unwind at home with a cold beer and in the company of their two spirited cats.

Her preferences for a ring was 1) oval shape, 2) light pink/peach/yellow stone, and 3) in rose gold to accentuate the colored stone. I have a lot of clients these days asking for a morganite color in a sapphire, basically anything light baby pink or peach to a bubblegum pink. Unfortunately they are pretty rare and difficult to come by, even more so now as there is a lot of demand for it overseas as well. Before I started my search I cautioned him that it may take a while to find a light pink sapphire in the size he is looking for.

I was however very pleasantly surprised when I came across this beauty, pictured on the bottom right:


It met all of his requirements, was a lovely light pink color and nicely cut to boot! It didn’t take him long to pick this one out of the three. It’s a 1.68 carat roundish – oval shape sapphire that’s very sparkly and bright. We discussed how to set it – he knew she didn’t like halo rings, but wanted some pave on the band. After looking thru several styles, he decided on a twist shank that splits toward the stone. This style really helps accentuate the feminine oval shape, and highlights the center stone perfectly. Here is the finished custom ring in 18K rose gold:





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