3 Carat Unheated Cushion Yellow Sapphire Solitaire Ring

I had a lovely girl come in by herself to browse for a yellow sapphire engagement ring. Her boyfriend was talking for a while about getting engaged, so she decided to help him out by going first and picking out the ring she wanted. She looked around at a few places, but hadn’t yet seen what she was looking for – a very light pale yellow round sapphire of around 2-3 carats.

We chatted for a while I showed her several different shades of yellow sapphire ovals we have in the shop, and educated her a bit on sapphires and ring styles. Although she was pretty adamant about having a round shape sapphire, I recalled a beautiful 3 carat cushion stone I sourced for another client not long ago (he ended up picking another sapphire). Once I showed her this photo, she fell in love with it!


Fingers crossed, I went to check if this beautiful stone was still available and luckily, it was! I brought it in, and she came back in with her boyfriend this time to view it.  They both agreed with me that the sapphire looks even prettier in person, which is fairly typical for colored gemstones. Photographs just don’t do them justice, you always have to view them in person before purchasing!

It was an easy decision for them – a sapphire of this quality, size and beauty is rare to find in any shape. It is cut so brilliantly that anywhere you view it, it just sparkles. It also came accompanied by a GIA certificate stating no heat treatment.

Since she wanted the proposal to be a surprise, her boyfriend took over designing the setting with me here. She requested it set in a thin plain yellow gold solitaire, so we looked at a few basket options to make it a little more unique. He ultimately decided on a petal wire design with 4-claws. I suggested 10K yellow gold as it’s not as richly yellow and would compliment the light yellow sapphire better, here is the finished ring:



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