3 Carat Unheated Cushion Yellow Sapphire Solitaire Ring


I had a lovely girl come in by herself to browse for a yellow sapphire engagement ring. Her boyfriend was talking for a while about getting engaged, so she decided to help him out by going first and picking out the ring she wanted. She looked around at a few places, but hadn’t yet seen what she was […]

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Round Brilliant Cut Cushion Halo Custom Engagement Ring


Vancouver 19KW custom made ring

This client came in to my jewelty store with his girlfriend at the time, they tried on many rings and couldn’t really decide what they wanted. He liked the look of a solitaire but really would be okay with anything and she’s more particular, couldn’t really decided on one specific style. I chatted with them […]

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Diamond Pave Twist Engagement Ring


This guy came to us with an idea of the ring his girlfriend likes: a round brilliant diamond in a twist pave setting. After dating for over eight years, she started dropping hints on the proposal and ring style she prefers. Luckily he listened carefully and took notes, and set out to get her the […]

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Treated Stones are getting larger


Treated diamond

The largest was an 18.12-ct. diamond that received an F color grade from GIA. The treatment was detected by observing a “tiny hexagonal graphite inclusion surrounded by a tension fracture,” and confirmed by spectroscopic analysis. The e-brief concludes that it is somewhat unusual to see such large stones, since HPHT annealing can sometimes damage a […]

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Custom Made 1ct Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring


GIA 1ct engagement ring

1.01ct GIA round brilliant cut diamond. Again, as usual, I narrowed down to just a couple of diamonds for him based on the 4Cs he desired and picked this very good cut, very good polish and excellent symmetry diamond.   I believe the cut is the most important thing you should consider when it comes […]

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GIA certified Fancy light bluish green diamond


Vancouver fancy colored diamonds

It is sold as a loose polish diamond so this client can set it in any design he desires. 0.58ct round brilliant cut, round brilliant cut is more valueable and rare than any other cuts. rare GIA certified fancy light bluish green diamond.    

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