Light Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring in 18K Rose Gold


This nice client was referred to me by his long-time friend from university, who commissioned me to make a blue sapphire engagement ring not long ago. Since his girlfriend has been dropping many hints about wanting a sapphire for an engagement ring as well, he decided to make an appointment with me. As we chatted […]

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Should you buy natural colored or treated colored diamonds?


1.00ct yellow diamond

Diamonds are beautiful and they come in all colors like rainbow. While some natural colored diamonds are pricey, some are not, it depends on the rarity, size and intensity of the color. In general, blue, green, pink and red are among the most rare colors while brown and yellow are more common. Natural colored diamonds […]

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Custom Made Halo Ring Mount in Platinum


halo diamond ring Vancouver

I’ve been emailing with this client back and fourth for a bit and explored a few ring designs. After looking thru many designs she still comes back and loves this one. It is bascially a triple halo ring mount, to accomondate a 2.50ct cushion cut she already has. I suggested some design details that will […]

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