1.50ct Classic Emerald Cut and Baguette Engagement Ring

This client wondered into my store looking for some engagement ring, he had a few ideas but not sure what would look the best and what would work for him so I made some suggestions, offered to show him some diamond layout and then got to work. He knew the center stone would be an emerald cut which is one of my favorite diamond cut, but not quite sure if he wants the half moon shape, emerald cut, or trapezoid shape side diamonds. Here’s some layout I showed him:

This combo looks pretty good to me but we need to explore more.

emerald cut 3 stone ring


Side stones are too big for this one, doesn’t make the center diamond pop.

1.50ct Emerald cut diamond


The side diamonds are quite big, some people might like it but for me and this client, the side diamonds are meant to compliment the center diamond so this combination is also a no-go.

Emerald cut 3 stone diamond engagement ring Vancouver


We ended up choosing the first pair, which originally we thought maybe too small for the center 1.50ct emerald cut but it turned out to be great!

Emerald cut taper baguette diamond engagement ring




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